Sunday, October 16, 2005

To Jodie

Jodie and I have been friends for eight years. We live so far apart,we only get to see each other about every two years. She has been sending me VHS videos for a couple years now, and I have been watching her girls grow up on video. Even though she doesn't have a blog yet, she is still blogging to me via email and home video (not to mention the day-long phone calls on Sundays)! She and I will be videoblogging together the next time we see each other. That will be in about six months because another good friend of mine who lives near Jodie is pregnant with twins, and I just gotta go see them!!! She's been sending me videos of her first child since he was born.

So... here is my first video to Jodie and to anyone else who likes the flute (or friendships)


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Doug said...

omg jayme, was that you playing on the cedar hill vlog? awesome. ugh i wish i could play some sort of intstrument.
you rock.

doug b.