Friday, February 24, 2006

Doves, food, and recovery

When the baby bird (named Miracle) began turning white with feathers, I took three beautiful pictures. I saw them through the LCD screen, then I began downloading them to my computer. Wouldn't you know it -- my digital camera won't download the pictures! The computer won't even recognize the camera anymore. This has been my luck lately when it comes to things breaking. Woes me...

Yesterday a friend of mine took me to Kroger. This was my first food shopping trip since I went to Whole Foods after being newly diagnosed with MS. I bought all healthy, organic stuff at Whole Foods, but I found out that I didn't like the taste of most of it. I ended up going hungry a lot. So yesterday, I bought way more stuff that I can actually eat. I mean GOOD stuff! My grocery bill was $100 less, too! The food is all natural and healthy, but it tastes great! I was getting so sick of choking down my food all the time. Now my cabinets are bursting with food that I don't dread eating! Yay, Kroger! They came through for me this time!

I have to say, too, that I feel so much better physically just from the diet change and exercise these last few weeks. Even without MS, it's something I should have done years ago. I realized the first week that I had the power to change my diet long before I HAD to. I could never go back now. I just love all the energy I have! The slight numbing in my face has even started to subside. Who says the damage from MS is irreversible? They are wrong!!! They may even be wrong about the diagnosis!

I joined many online groups for MS, and the members on some of those groups (the ones who are taking the same holistic approach) totally INSIST that MS damage is reversible. Then I read the messages from the groups that follow the traditional medicine route, and I am floored by the amount of talk about doctors and medications and side effects. I get such a heavy feeling reading those emails. Hey, I've gone that route with mental illness, and the experiences with the mental health system are amazingly similar. It's all about doctors and medication and side effects.

Another striking similarity is the doctors' approaches to treating either MS or mental illness. So much of their attitudes are blatantly dismissive. From what I am reading, once you have the diagnosis, the doctors believe that stabilization is the goal of treatment. Then they pump you full of very expensive and powerful chemicals that attempt to slow the progression of the disease since there is no cure. Well, they said that recovery wasn't possible with mental illness, too. I know better now.

One group I am in is called MS Cure. They are all about hope and recovery. The attitudes on those boards are remarkably different than the attitudes on the boards where people hand over their hope of recovery to doctors who squash their hope almost immediately. That also happens in the mental health system.

The most powerful thing I've learned so far is this:

When Spirit gives you a so-called chronic disease to deal with, She also gives you the strength to deal with it. I could never have changed my lifestyle on my own. I needed - and GOT - divine guidance. It's all been effortless so far. At least stress-wise. Things are just falling into place, seemingly by themselves. Lots of human angels are appearing at just the right time. I feel so supported everywhere I look. I know am not going through this alone.

At Cedar Hill, one of the founders gave me a referral to an acupuncturist. She told me that she was advised to see this acupuncturist and this one only (in Atlanta). I looked up the address at MapQuest and saw that the office was walking distance from me. What are the odds? Acupuncture is definitely my next step. I'm also hoping to get a referral for a neurologist who embraces the holistic approach. Then I could begin physical therapy and aqua therapy and not have to deal with a closed mind or a drug pusher. That's my plan. Sprit may have other plans, though, so I am staying open.

Basically I am just learning as I go. I thank God for the Internet!

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