Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The cutest video I never shot

I'd never seen how baby birds were fed by their parents until Miracle was born.The whole process of the hatching, feeding, grooming, and watching Miracle attempt to fly was all a new experience, and it was the most amazing thing I've seen yet! One day, however, Miracle was not hungry. CJ, the daddy, had already filled himself up with food for Miracle and was beginning to make those regurgitating motions. CJ cornered Miracle to poke his beak at the baby so he could get rid of the excess food and find some much-needed relief, but Miracle wasn't interested. CJ was getting desperate, too. He would fly around a bit, then return to Miracle and poke at his beak only to have Miracle turn his head away, like he was saying, "Not now, Daddy. I don't want to eat. Yucky yucky, get away." Then CJ would fly away and try again a minute later. After about 30 minutes of this torture, CJ gave up and was forced to wait until all the food was digested inside his own body. He was not happy with Miracle's babyish behavior, but Miracle didn't care. He just continued with whatever he was doing.

Now Miracle is eating on his own, and he and CJ are best buddies. They hang out all day together while DJ, the mama, laid two more eggs which I threw out my window this morning. I really don't want six doves. Four is enough for now. DJ and Miracle, although they tolerate each other, aren't buddies at all. Miracle is beginning to let DJ know who's boss by claiming his turf. He's also tried taking on Angel, but I always end up rescuing Miracle from Angel, who sees him as a threat! Ahh the drama of having birds. It's a sweet, sweet drama, too. Better than TV!

Recently a friend loaned me a camera for a couple days, so here is the latest picture I have of Miracle and CJ.

Onto other things...

Last week, I took two major steps in slowing the MS progression. I found a physical therapist who also does acupuncture. Bingo! I saw her last week for our first visit, where she showed me some initial exercises to do daily, and then she did acupuncture. That was strange but very relaxing. The next day I went to Cedar Hill for a workshop by Norman Sheely, MD, who spoke about alternative approaches to diseases. He did a book signing afterward. During the Q&A, I asked his suggestions for treating MS. He told me everything I am already doing! I know I am on the right track!

The workshop was at night, so my friend Cheryl and I stayed the night at Cedar Hill. Nothing is more wonderful than waking up in the morning at Cedar Hill! We went for a hike in the woods, walked the labyrinth a couple times, meditated in the Sister's Chapel, and visited the library. While Cheryl was in the library, I went for a solitary hike in the woods where I settled near the babbling brook. I wasn't there very long, but I remember I just cried and cried. I guess I needed the release, and what better place to do it than at Cedar Hill?

Then we went home and I immediately felt the heaviness of the energies that surround me in this urban jungle I live in. The contrast never ceases to amaze me.

The day after returning home, I made some carrot soup from scratch. It's a wonderful recipe and one of my favorites. It is ultra nutricious with carrots, sweet potatoes, and Granny Smith apples. It's just delicious! But a few minutes after I ate it, I felt horrible. No nausea, but I suddenly had a 100 degree fever, chills, clammy, sensitive skin, aches everywhere, and fatigue. I rarely get sick. This was odd! I was fine the next day, but I am beginning to believe that this new diet and lifestyle change is detoxing my entire system. I ate more carrot soup yesterday (from the same batch) and had no ill effects. Go figure. I am detoxing!!!

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