Saturday, March 25, 2006

Peace Symbols

Detoxing feels like all my festering problems are surfacing to be released. I've been sick as a dog the last couple weeks. I just kept telling myself that I was detoxing from the toxic lifestyle I'd been living. I knew it was temporary and necessary for cleansing. Then I'd forget and throw a pity party. Then I'd remember again.

If I could change the clocks, I would have scheduled these diet changes gradually, not overnight like I did. But I do cheat here and there when I go out, like yesterday. Cheryl and I went to Cedar Hill to have a picnic and hike the trail. We brought everything I wasn't supposed to eat. Croissants, chicken salad, spinach dip, bagel crackers, and doughnuts. You would think I'd have pigged out, but for some reason, none of it tasted good. I ate one bagel cracker with a dab of spinach dip, a croissant with chicken salad, and half a doughnut. Several weeks ago I would have finished off everything, adding a second doughnut. But in the end, I just wanted a mango.

These birds are driving me crazy today. Just had to get that out.

I have a vision of a large aviary, garage sized, full of doves. It's a dove rescue aviary. I know people who have let their pet doves go free, and they are found in trees just sitting there for days. Eventually the hawks get them because they do not fly very well. They need a safe haven and to know that they are beautiful symbols of peace. The world needs to remember peace.

I have a quiet week next week. All of it is my time, my schedule, my flow. Whether it manifests as peaceful remains to be seen. But Friday is a spa day at Cedar Hill. Massage, lunch, the grounds, the works. What a beautiful ending to a week that hasn't begun.

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