Sunday, April 16, 2006

Baby Dove and Pigeon Sharing a Meal


Bob said...

Hey Jayme, Good to hear from you. Kinda worried not seeing movement on the blog. Hope things are well. Looks like you are on the fifth floor. Careful of the pidgeon as it may share mites and stuff with Miracle. Keep your head up.

Jayme said...

Hi Bob, good to "see" you here! I'll be keeping up with this blog more than I have. I'm glad to see I still have readers!

I promise to be careful with the pigeons. I used to let them in until I got Miracle's parents. Then after Miracle was born and weaned, his parents got a new home. Now Miracle spends his whole day by that window. He is just fascinated by those pigeons!

Thanks for stopping by!

Bob said...

Hey Jaime, I found this site while looking up stuff for my friend who has MS. Thought it might interest you though odds are you already know about it.