Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Miracle of MS

I just realized this morning that Miracle was born the same week I was diagnosed with MS. I will always know his age! I also realized that the timing was no coincidence. The diagnosis of MS has brought many miracles that I am just now beginning to see.

This is my time of disconnecting. People, jobs, situations that no longer serve me are finally gone from my life. I have myself, and that is enough. I could never say that before. I still have a handful of good, quality friends who never expect me to be anyone but who I am, no matter how that is. And I am learning to spot the bad influences while they can still be nipped in the bud. I have been doing a lot of nipping lately.

I have so much time on my hands now, and it's all mine! I can do whatever I want, whenever I choose! In the past, I've always wanted to make more connections, and I would often settle for any kind of people, situations, etc. because I was scared of being alone in the world. I needed to be needed. You know what? I don't have that need anymore! This is freedom!

Another change I see in myself is my appreciation for good food. I used to snarf everything down, not caring about anything but getting full. Now that my choices are so limited, I can appreciate when I come across something tasty. And the creations I've been making! I miss ice cream the most, but I discovered that if you cut up bananas and freeze them, they turn into ice cream after blending in the food processor. You can add walnuts or pecans to make it crunchy. Or do the same thing with frozen grapes. It's like eating a grape slushy. I'm going to try that with strawberries tonight.

I keep hearing about how important green leafy vegetables are in a diet, so I've been trying greens I'd never tried before. Kale is great raw, and mustard greens add the perfect zest to any salad. Turnip greens aren't good raw but I'll keep finding new greens to try. Parsley is a staple, and those bags of lettuce already washed are pouring from my fridge. The dressing is always homemade with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, ground nuts and seeds, and Cheyenne pepper. I'll also throw in some oregano or whatever green spices I have available. Or lemon juice. The ways to make salad dressing are endless. Get creative!

I could write all day about food! I've found some awesome cookies and crackers I can have, and I notice when I eat a lot of natural potato chips, I don't get that sick feeling I used to get with typical chips. I could never go back to my old diet. The world of food is much more vast than I ever imagined, and I am loving the exploration.

I exercise every day for about an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less. I'm losing weight, and I feel so good. None of this would have been possible if I had continued to allow myself to be distracted by all the dramas going on around me. Life is good, and this is just the beginning.

Angel and Miracle had their first bonding moment, and I was able to capture it on video. I'll write more later. Enjoy the video!

Click here to watch video


robin said...

how wonderful it is to hear about your life! your growth is wonderful and i look forward to each new post. i loved the video.

glad you are in my life.



Bob said...

Hey Jaime, Sounds like you are doing good on the diet and getting healthy thing. Sometimes quitting bad eating habits is as hard as quitting drugs. I love the sense of confidence and it appears your self esteem is growing. Keep on that path and stay positive. We're cheering for you. Do good, be good. Bob