Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Day with Karla

Karla is my goddaughter. Not officially, but we both know that I am always here for her. I was her full time nanny when she was 2. Now she's 16 but acts 22. I love hanging out with her. We like doing the simplest things together. Going to Wal-Mart is a must. We also hit Value Village, restaurants, and the health food store where she works. This girl knows more about nutrition than anyone I know. I am so proud of her! I went to see her last week, and took loads of videos. Then I broke my camera AGAIN! But I did not hesitate to find the exact camera on eBay for only $75.00! There something really cool about buying something that used to be expensive until their new model comes along. The camera is great, plus I have all the accessories. So now I am just waiting for it to arrive. Meanwhile, here is a video of our day together.

The dove in the video is Karla's. Karla has always had doves since she was 8 years old. She actually gave me Angel ten years ago! She also gave me CJ and DJ, so in a way, she gave me Miracle! I just know that I probably would have never known the rewards of having doves if it weren't for Karla.

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Bob said...

Hey Jayme, Love the new picture. That's a great history with Karla and the doves. I'm stuck with dial up for now so can't seem to get the video's