Thursday, May 18, 2006

Georgia Aquarium

One of the greatest perks of living here is having the largest aquarium in the world (besides the ocean) in my own backyard. I walk there often, usually in the late afternoon when nobody is there. I have a season pass, so I can go as often as I like, and I do go often! Now that I have a new video camera, you can count on aquarium videos here! This is my first one. I hope you like it!

It's so peaceful to watch how fish live compared to humans. There is no drama or agenda or betrayals. No money or politics or bureaucracy. Fish are just fish, and all they do is be authentic and live peacefully with each other. It's a world that we haven't learned too much from, at least not now. But they are wonderful reminders of how we could live if we wanted to.

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Donna said...

What a beautiful video. I love fish too and they're just as you described, like birds. Whenever I feel stressed, I'll watch that video and remember to just float along and swim with the tides. Love, Donna