Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Go Taylor Hicks!

Go Taylor! I know he's going to win American Idol, and I am going to win a Red Lobster dinner! Both he and Katherine had a bad night last night, I thought, but Taylor still pulled it off. Unfortunately, Katherine bombed. It would have been better if she had sung "Over the Rainbow" much earlier in the season, but she had just sung it last week! And again last night! It was good, of course, but it was really her only "memorable" song of the season. I don't think she should be standing in the top two. Chris should be there! I'm glad Taylor is there, though. Only a few hours before the red carpet show, then the elimination show begins! Sorry to bore you non-American Idol fans, but I had to say my piece, and there you have it. American Idol will be over after tonight! Eeeeek! Whatever shall I do on Tuesday and Wednesday nights? Maybe some of the things I've been procrastinating.

I decided today that I would get some things done. Laundry was one of them. I just got back from the laundry room. It is not a good day to do laundry. The three working washers are being used, and there's a long line for when they finish.

That's kind of been my day today. Earlier I decided to take the birds out on the porch for some fresh air and sunlight, right? Nope. Just as I got my birds settled in their cage and out on the porch, the maintenance crew decided to wash down the porch. They were using these loud machines, and they had a yellow caution strip by the door. It looked like a crime scene. So I took my birds back home.

So I thought it was time to write in my blog. Not a whole lot is happening right now, which is wonderful! I feel so free! I wake up in the morning and nothing is pulling at me. No appointments unless I am the one making them. Tomorrow I am going to Karla's where her mom will do Reiki on me. She has always been a wealth of information when it comes to nutrition and holistic medicine. She and Karla both work at the health food store, and Karla is becoming just like her mother in that area. I learn so much from both of them. So tomorrow will be a fun day!

Speaking of nutrition, I just got a new book the other day, and I can't put it down! It's 20 years old but way ahead of its time. It's called "Fit for Life" by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. (Read the reviews at Amazon!) It's mostly about eating high-water content foods (like fruits and veggies) and proper food combining. Wow - did you know that raw, ground sesame seeds have more calcium than any other food? Anyway, the book says to eat fruits or fruit juice until noon. Always eat fruits by themselves and on an empty stomach. Use proper food combining throughout the day until 8pm, and stop eating after 8pm. The book explains so much about the body's cycles and how it digests food. The book teaches how efficient your body really is, especially when you treat it right. I am so inspired to work this program and make it a lifestyle. When a book makes you think logically and use common sense, it's a winner. I highly recommend this book (I got it for a penny plus shipping at

I will be uploading another aquarium video soon. There are some strange looking creatures in our world. Strange but remarkably beautiful.

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Donna said...

What a wonderful outlook on life, just like the dove! I'll definitely look for that book on Amazon.
~Love, Donna