Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Best Friends

This will probably be the last dove video I make for a while. The next one will be when they are the same size. Will you be able to tell them apart? So far, I can. Miracle is still a lot smaller than Angel. He follows Angel everywhere, too. Watching these birds is the best meditation I've found so far.

Angel is 10 years old, and Miracle is almost 5 months. Enjoy!

Click picture to watch video.


<- A dude who admires birds said...

Just saw your dove video on Google... cute.... "I bow before you in awe and humility".

Oh man... Angel's been with you for 10 years!? I wish I could keep a pet dove, or even a Northern Mockingbird... but as much as i adore them, I can't bear to keep 'em couped up in a cage; and i certainly don't want them flying all over inside my house... you know, getting stuck in places that might be fatal for these little feathered friends.

I must say, you got a real big heart to take care of them for all this time. And yeah, i gotta agree... there's nothing more soothing that watching them and listening to their lovely coo-ing. Have you ever seen the wings of a Mockingbird in flight? For me, it's almost magical.

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