Sunday, July 16, 2006

Psychiatry is not a real job!

This was the video EM, Sue, and I took the afternoon Miracle and Sam died. We were mostly letting off steam and laughing until it hurt. We had cried enough that day.

This is also the video that will be the first in our new project. I will post the blog link here when I have it ready, and I will be cross-posting to both blogs (so you won't miss anything).

This project will be about mental health recovery. We will be dispelling the myths surrounding mental illness. We will be blowing the minds of some people (who I will not mention here). We will be using podcasts and video to speak out about the oppression our peers face every day because they have a "mental illness".

We have all been told we were hopeless. We have been in the back wards. We have seen and experienced agony that most people can't imagine. There was a time when we had no voice. That time is over. We now have the Internet!

We'll be doing interviews with leaders in the mental health consumer/survivor movement. We'll be making fun videos like this one. We'll be making serious videos, too.

The doctors said we were incurable. They drugged us up. For some, it helped. For others, it made things worse. But psychiatry is the only profession that can force patients into taking powerful drugs that they know are making them worse.

It's not all doomsday, though. We DO recover. Some of us are cured! Many of us are simply artists who live and think outside the box. All of us have immeasurable potential. My hope is to get the message across to everyone who cares about the truth.

So that is the project in a nutshell. The idea came to me at 3:00 in the morning, and I've been obsessing ever since. I feel so driven to do this. I want to bring more people in, too. With this project, there is room for anyone who wants to speak out about mental health recovery.

This blog is quickly becoming a mish mash. Bring it on!


ziggy said...

you guys are very funny. you made me feel better

Bob said...

Haven't visited for a few days. Sorry to hear about miracle. Big encouragement on being a voice for mental health. Drugs are the easy answer for doctors who are too lazy to take the time many need. Love is much more powerful and effective. I have met many in prison and on the street who would have done well with proper care. I help a few on my own because.. Keep moving Rayne, got sitting still beat all to hell

Donna said...

Wonderful! Since I was diagnosed with a mental illness (Borderline Personality Disorder) and my daughter was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and learned much about both illnesses, I find that most people seem to have UNdiagnosed illnesses. Many seem to have bipolar disorder and it seems to me that society believes we're the mentally challenged ones. I believe we diagnosed individuals are in better shape than the undiagnosed majority! At least we don't go around killing people, beating people or be a general menace to society like the undiagnosed ones are *haha*. Jayme, you're making such a huge impact on the world; I'm so proud to know you!!! ~Much love, Donna