Friday, November 17, 2006

I did it!!!

Today I read my recovery story downtown at the Department of Human Resources (DHR). A videographer filmed it all, and he'll be making recordings available to everyone at DHR! I should be getting a copy, too (or else I will raise hell).

This was such an empowering experience, and I got a GREAT response! One man asked how long it took me to write my story, and he told me it he thought it was incredible. One or two of the governor's advisors were there, and a bunch of program directors. They were all so positive!

I just couldn't believe all these bureaucrats sat and listened to recovery stories all day long and got something out of each one. They seemed truly interested!

I've always been terrified of public speaking for fear of my mind going blank and the notes not helping. But I learned today that it is TOTALLY OKAY to read your speech word-for-word rather than use notes as guidelines. Last night I read my story to Angel a few times (lol) and then I pulled it out right before speaking. I will never turn down a speaking engagement again. It felt natural and effortless.

In college I flunked speech and dropped out of school altogether because the final speech overwhelmed me to the point of hospitalization.

Kinda ironic.

The positive responses posted on this blog and in private email tipped the scales for me going. If I made any difference whatsoever today, so did you. That's what I call the "ripple effect."


Anonymous said...

congratulations, jayme!! your story was exactly what folks at 2 peachtree need to hear - and other's too! they really need faces to go with the "numbers" they're crunching. i'm very proud of you and glad this was a positive experience for you. you have sooooo much to share! thanks for "Speaking Out!"

Chris Brogan said...

Congrats on your efforts! Thats great.

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