Sunday, December 24, 2006

Heather Martin - When Are You Coming Home?

This 6-year old is missing her brother who is in Iraq this Christmas. Grab a tissue before watching.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

My New Apartment! YES!

I finally got some clips together to make a video of my new place. They are mostly shots of the grounds, but there are few indoor shots as well. I skipped the kitchen and the bathroom because if you saw the video "I Want it All" then you saw a kitchen and bathroom identical to mine.

I took these video clips while walking to get the mail. I just love the feel of this place. It's so serene. I feel like I am at a resort or something. It's very, VERY different from where I came from. I am so glad to be out of that high-rise. I DO deserve better -- and now I have it. Life is good!!!

This morning it occurred to me that I moved on November 29. If you are into numerology, you know it was 11/11. No wonder why it went so smoothly! I didn't choose that date on purpose, either. The only 11/11 I paid attention to was November 11th. And now we are heading into the year of 9, probably the most powerful of all the numbers. Three 3s! If you're not into numerology, then you probably think I'm crazy. Well, guess what -- you're right!

I'll be going to my sister's for Christmas. Both her boys will be there this year. Hopefully I can talk them into making videos! I hope everyone has a great holiday. I'm sure the celebrating will begin Friday at 5:00pm and end on Tuesday morning. Ya think? Have fun!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Two turtle doves and a cockatiel named Cinnamon

Karla came to visit the other day and she brought her white dove, Rosie, and her baby cockatiel, Cinnamon. Karla's mother told her she had to find a new home for Rosie, so guess who volunteered to take her? I can't turn away a homeless dove. It's against my nature! So this video shows Rosie's introduction to Angel. Even though they have female names, they are both male doves. (Don't ask me how that happened). Anyway, male doves must establish domination, and they do this by climbing on top of the other and holding down wings. This means they are dominant, at least for that moment. Lots of dove fighting in this video. Some pretty candid words from Karla, too, about men in general.

I plan to make a video of my new apartment, but I wanted to be more settled in first. You can see some of it in this video. I just love my new place! It's so clean and new and plush! The grounds are gorgeous, too. I could be video taping the grounds right now, but I have been incredibly busy unpacking and hanging pictures and all the stuff you do when you move. I have to admit, I'm loving the whole process. I am so OUT of government housing! I still can't believe it!!!

Angel had no problem whatsoever adjusting to her new home. She settled in immediately, and you can tell by the picture how content she is here.

Beware, this video may offend some viewers.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Moving Day!!!

I'm all moved into my new apartment! I'm tripping over boxes and rearranging furniture and making this place my own. There's so much to do! I just now got internet access -- I've been without a phone or internet for 5 whole days! I'm still without cable - or even an antennae! I feel like I've been at a retreat of sorts. That's what this place reminds me of. There are pathways and water falls and picnic areas. There's even a clubhouse with a bar and a gazebo with two large swinging benches! I keep discovering new things every day. Well, what else can you do (besides unpack boxes) when you don't have anything else to do? Oh I've missed the internet! But I'm BACK!!!! I haven't even checked my email yet. I wanted to put this video up first. So many people have shown interest. I'm simply amazed at the quality of friends I have. I am one lucky girl!

Buy the time we began moving in to my new place, my camera battery died, and I had no energy left to retrieve my spare battery. But I'll have plenty of opportunities to film this place. Meanwhile, this video is of friends and family moving me out of government housing once and for all!!!! (Yes, I helped. I sure didn't shoot videos the whole time!)