Monday, December 11, 2006

Two turtle doves and a cockatiel named Cinnamon

Karla came to visit the other day and she brought her white dove, Rosie, and her baby cockatiel, Cinnamon. Karla's mother told her she had to find a new home for Rosie, so guess who volunteered to take her? I can't turn away a homeless dove. It's against my nature! So this video shows Rosie's introduction to Angel. Even though they have female names, they are both male doves. (Don't ask me how that happened). Anyway, male doves must establish domination, and they do this by climbing on top of the other and holding down wings. This means they are dominant, at least for that moment. Lots of dove fighting in this video. Some pretty candid words from Karla, too, about men in general.

I plan to make a video of my new apartment, but I wanted to be more settled in first. You can see some of it in this video. I just love my new place! It's so clean and new and plush! The grounds are gorgeous, too. I could be video taping the grounds right now, but I have been incredibly busy unpacking and hanging pictures and all the stuff you do when you move. I have to admit, I'm loving the whole process. I am so OUT of government housing! I still can't believe it!!!

Angel had no problem whatsoever adjusting to her new home. She settled in immediately, and you can tell by the picture how content she is here.

Beware, this video may offend some viewers.

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I Seek Zen said...

Thanks Jayme for your comments on my blog. But first things first, I am glad that your recovery story went off well and congratulations on moving into your new apartment.
I'm sure life is full of rainbow colours - only once in a while dark clouds come and cover it all up - but that is only sometimes...