Sunday, January 28, 2007

In My Language - a person with autism speaks out.

This is the description for the video: "The first part is in my "native language," and then the second part provides a translation, or at least an explanation. This is not a look-at-the-autie gawking freakshow as much as it is a statement about what gets considered thought, intelligence, personhood, language, and communication, and what does not."


Jodie said...

Speechless. I am truly speechless. How ironic given the topic of this video.....
Maybe that was her goal, to shock us enough to shut up for a change and at least for a moment, view the world from a different perspective.

It worked.


Jayme said...

This woman is amazing. Her YouTube channel is at and she has several videos posted. The most powerful to me, besides this one, is called "Being an Unperson."

She also took flute lessons but couldn't play until she began to improvise! There's a video about that, too.

"The View" devoted their entire hour this morning to autism. I am so glad I saw this woman's videos before watching. The professionals only have part of the story. I totally cringed when someone called autism a disease.

This beautiful woman can teach us all. I hope and pray the world is ready to learn.