Friday, January 19, 2007

Paula Abdul drunk (video banned from YouTube)

Okay, I am not one to make fun of someone, but today is an exception because Paula, in my opinion, deserves it. If you watched American Idol Wednesday night, you saw a side to Paula that made the show reach an all-time low. I saw the most horrendous bashing of people, not only for their lack of talent, but for their physical appearances and other superficial quirks that had nothing to do with singing. I've grown to expect that from Simon, but even he was worse than his usual pompous self. Paula called one guy "awesome" (right after Simon said he looked like a bush baby), but as soon as he left the room, she broke into laughter and openly made fun of him right along with everyone else. Paula, dear, what is up with you? Here is my little way of giving Paula a taste of her own medicine. Go ahead and laugh. I did :o)


Anonymous said...

Paula is not drunk. She is overmedicated. It is something she has tried to keep under wraps for some time now. After her accident (in the early 90's?)she has been dealing with neurological issues that have progressively gotten worse. If you listen to her speech, it is as if her tongue is too big for her mouth. She almost speaks like a person who is deaf. This is neurological. Before this interview, she had also been running for 3 days straight doing interviews etc. and on this particular day, she was in a room with just a camera in front of her and appx. 30 different cities morning shows talking in her ear. Part of what happened is one of the morning shows aired her answering questions for ANOTHER morning show which is why her answers did not appear to make sense. I watched an interview she did 2 days after this one (the day in between, she cancelled all interviews) on Regis and Kelly AND on the Ellen show and she was poised, clear headed etc, but still had that "thick tongue" sound. I think since AI has just started, they probably won't address this until after the show ends in May, but I think it is inevitable now that she needs to finally go public with it.

Now having said all of that, I still think she was abominable in the way she treated people in Seattle. The whole show was one miserable piece of rating producing crap. Our local stations had a lot of commentary on the allowance of obviously developmentally delayed people to audition like that. Basically, it was embarassing. I most certainly hope they don't repeat this throughout all of the auditions or I, personally, will tune out until they get to the top 32. Thanks!

Jayme said...

I heard that about Paula, too. The title of the video remained the same when I embedded it into the blog from Google. But the bottom line is if someone is mentally challenged, that is not a license to make fun of them, which is what Paula did. She has the reputation of being the "nice' one, and she usually counteracts Simon's arrogance, making the auditions tolerable. I am cutting her no slack at this point just because she has a neurological problem, which would be a good reason (among others) for Paula to be extra gentle and kind to people who also have problems. But she chose to make fun of them. I've lost whatever respect I had for her.

I will most likely sit through the auditions, simply because I love discovering the diamonds in the rough. I remember when Clay Aiken auditioned. Simon made fun of him because of his appearance and eventually cut him. He was voted back in by the judges during a round called "second chance" or something like that. It was great to see Clay prove Simon wrong! Simon didn't want Taylor Hicks to go to Hollywood, either - simply because of his appearance. And he won it all! In your face, Simon!

I am hoping that enough people will raise hell about the way the auditions are being handled. Even a horrible singer deserves constructive critcism, not blatant insults. I've seen a lot of outcry about this ever since the Seattle auditions. I am sure AI has gotten wind of it by now. The problem is, the auditions are pre-recorded. I think it will continue the way it is for now, but hopefully (!) change for next season. Something's gotta give! This has become way too ridiculous and cruel.

Thank you for your comments, Jodie. I'm glad you spoke your mind, and I hope you'll be able to tolerate the auditions enough to discover the diamonds.

Jodie said...

Hey Jayme, I had a thought. Maybe this is one of those "collisions" we have been told about in other circles you and I run in. I know for us here in Minnesota (where the 1st show's auditions were at), there has been a LOT of outcry at the way the auditions were handled not only here but in Seattle. They truly, truly did go over the top. Lot's of drama to be sure. Hopefully the "seed" of this collision will bear fruit and new things will come of it. It's about time there is a public response and SUPPORT of those less able to make responsible choices for themselves and how society in the name of "entertainment" takes advantage of that. Times, they are a changin! I applaud you for helping to facilitate that change and bring awarenesses like this to all of us.


Jayme said...

I heard an interview with Dr. Phil yesterday, and he has lost my respect, too. He said that AI is not the gatekeeper for people with mental illnesses, and "those people" are just wanting their 15 minutes of fame. He said they know good and well what they are walking into and that they basically deserve whatever happens in the auditions. This seems to be the common response to the public outcry. But suppose they have no idea that they are being exploited for entertainment (and ratings) purposes? The producer has stated that they only want "the truly delusional" (his exact words) to make it to the auditions. That's one reason they have pre-auditions. So if someone is delusional, how could they know the harsh reality of national exploitation and humiliation?

I can totally see how such a collision can bring about change. The people who are being exploited are the catalysts for this change. They are the angels! I believe that, in time, this will become more and more obvious to everyone. That is my prayer and my hope. I may not have much faith in the judges or the producers or anyone associated with AI, but I do have faith in the human race as a whole. Compassion will prevail!