Monday, January 15, 2007

When Doves Fly

This is just a cute little video from the footage I had left on my camera. The doves are settled in with each other, and it looks like they are most comfortable with their fighting. At least no one gets hurt! I do keep an eye on them, though. I honestly think, at this point, they would miss each other if they were separated. Angel is far less demanding of my attention now that he has Rozee to pester. And Rozee is happy to be out of the cage for most of the day. He didn't have that before. In the video, you can see them swoop around the other's territory. It's like one is saying "Bring it on!" and the other one always complies. They are incredible to just watch. I use them for meditation.
I hope all of you are off to a good start in 2007. It's been quiet in my world, and I am simply enjoying the peace. Ahhhhh... the simple life...

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