Friday, February 09, 2007

Scientologists? Nope!

Beth and I decided to catch the anti-psychiatry exhibit displayed at the Woodruff Arts Center. It was held by CCHR (Citizen's Commission on Human Rights) which is a front group for Scientology. Neither of us are Scientologists but both of us are interested in anything outside of mainstream psychiatry. This exhibit was called "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death." Scientologists aren't the only group that exposes the abuses that occur within the mental health system, but they are among the few that actually do something like show exhibits for the general public to see. I wish more groups would take such an active role. Just because a person questions the ethics and history of psychiatry does not make them a Scientologist! It makes them an informed and educated citizen. I'm not saying that everything CCHR says is true, but they sure do put a spin on certain aspects that I know are true. The average person has no idea that psychiatrists used to market torture devices used for "treatment' of the mentally ill. Most people don't realize that Thorazine was marketed as the "new lobotomy" and that lobotomies were halted because of Thorazine and other anti-psychotic drugs. Why spend time and money on surgery when a simple pill can do the same thing? Because of this ongoing ignorance, now kids are being prescribed anti-psychotic drugs every day. Do we really want a society of zombies? That's where we're headed. It's time to wake up!

BTW, we never got to see the exhibit. We tried, though! See the video...


Anonymous said...

Jayme - A day with you is pure art!

Don Grey said...

Hi was a pleasure to read the post. And understand your views, it's great to see it from another angle.