Wednesday, February 28, 2007

TeenScreen is dangerous

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This is why TeenScreen is so dangerous. I don't see anything wrong with suicide prevention programs for teenagers, and I believe it could save lives if the mental health system utilized compassion rather than punishment and drugs toward people who feel suicidal. But even if the mental health system were competent, TeenScreen, from the very beginning, has not been used responsibly. That is just one reason why TeenScreen should be thrown out altogether.

Numerous school boards have already voted against it for their schools, and I hope others follow suit. The petition against TeenScreen has reached 19,792 signatures so far. If you'd like learn more about it and sign the petition, click here

I hope all of you are doing well. I'll post more about what's going on in my life soon. It's all good!


Anonymous said...

Jayme, you got it TOTALLY right. TeenScreen has never been an attempt to help children. Rather it has been an attempt to enable the drug companies to "help themselves" to public and private money by hooking children on legal drugs.

All your readers should read and sign the petition at:

Anonymous said...

1. Nowhere in this article is Teen Screen mentioned.
2. Have you actually seen Teen Screen or are you going just on word of moutn. It is meant to be used as a gatekeeper program and not a diagnostic tool. If questions are answered in such a way that concerns may be raised, then it is recommended that the teen is seen by a professional. It does NOT say the teen needs to go on meds.
I am the mother of a seventeen year old girl. If she told a school counselor that she had had suicidal thoughts. then it is the responsibility of the counselor to act. Perhaps taking a teen to a treatment facility is over-reacting, but wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry. If I wore to find out that any of my daughter's teachers or any of the staff at her school did not act on something as serious as talk of suicide, I would be in contact with a lawyer immediately to take action against the school. Have you ever heard of MANDATED REPORTERS? They must act by law. Back to the girl in the article. If she was kept overnight, there must have been some concern on the intake staff as well. Mental health beds for those in need are scarce. Rarely are individuals who are not in need of treatment placed overnight.

Don Grey said...

Hi Ryan

I just saw this little note from a long writeup which TeenScreen really would not want the public to see (I am putting a ling below). I thought it is kind of interesting to know.

TeenScreen says: "information proliferated by these groups remains on their own Web sites and Web logs, or blogs. It is when members of your community find these sites that the information these groups disseminate becomes problematic."