Sunday, March 25, 2007

CPS Training Finale

This is the last video of this series. I hope you enjoy it!

Good news -- I got a new camera! It hasn't come in yet, so I don't have it in my hands, but it should be here by the end of the week. Let's hope! No more blurry, low-quality videos! The new camera is a Sony Handycam DCR-SR40. A Sony! Woo hoo! I had to break in a new credit card to buy it (yikes!) but it's no interest for a year. Do you like how I can so easily justify this purchase? Hey, when you want something bad enough, there's no stopping you.

This camera has a 30 gig hard drive, so there are no more memory cards to deal with. I got an extra long-life battery, too. And with an extended warranty, I'm good on parts and labor and total replacement for 5 years. It also has Dolby Surround Sound and an infrared night vision setting. A touch screen menu, too! This thing is hot!

I hope I feel the same way after I get it.

I have one more video I'm making with some recent footage, but after that, it's Sony all the way!

Can you tell I'm excited? Uh, just a little.


robin said...

I can tell you are a little excite!!! Thank was pretty cool, thanks for capturing the moments! You do this with much love.

Huggs and Peace,


Anonymous said...

major excitement and enthusiam in looking forward to the new camera!!! great job editing and putting this talent show video together. simply wonderful. i really liked the new Rayne's World ending too.

Anonymous said...

Major, HUGE excitement about getting the new camera!!! That's awesome! I know you must be sitting on cloud 9 (333) LOL!
Looking forward to your new feature films. With much joy for you...and us to come!