Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Drugging of Our Children

I debated about whether to post this video or not because it is 1hr and 43min long. But because it is so incredibly powerful and informative, I decided it was worth it if even one child is helped by its showing. The video is a full-length, professional documentary, and it describes absolutely everything I have wanted to say for so long but could only say it here and there with small clips and articles. It sums everything up for me and hopefully for anyone else who watches it. Nothing more needs to be said on this subject. Turn off your TVs this evening (unless American Idol is on, lol) and watch this video instead. It is definitely worth your time.

Speaking of American Idol, CAN YOU BELIEVE SUNDANCE HEAD DIDN'T MAKE IT TO THE FINAL TWELVE??? I nearly fainted when I saw him leave! He SHOULD have been in the top five at the very least. What an insult to his incredible talent! What an insult to the whole show and its obviously faulty voting system! It reminded me of the shocking night when Jennifer Hudson was voted off after her kick-ass performance the night before. Or when Chris Daughtry was voted off last season. He should have won it all! Well, well, well -- Chris Daughtry AND Jennifer Hudson are now basking in success without the help of American Idol -- and I hope Sundance does the same! Meanwhile, please get rid of that kid (Senjayah?) who should never have made it to Hollywood to begin with! What were Simon, Randy, and Paula thinking? Why are teenage girls with too much voting time on their hands running the show now? Why am I such an addict?

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