Saturday, May 05, 2007

Behind the Veil

Beth and I went to the Carter Center to talk frankly and honestly about mental health issues. There is no way I could pack all of it into one video, so I will be adding videos one by one as I finish them. I'm disappointed that this is the first clip I'm showing from my new camera because the quality is shocking to me. I tested the camera many times, and this is the only footage that came out badly upon encoding. The raw footage is excellent but something got lost in the translation. Grrrrr! I've done exhaustive tests to figure out what went wrong, but came up with nothing. And it was just the footage at the Carter Center! I don't get it! None of the other footage loses quality upon encoding, even when I choose the lowest quality settings!

I'm posting the footage regardless of the quality because we covered some powerful topics that I don't want to go to waste. This video is Beth talking about connecting with others no matter how isolated some may appear to be.

Next week Beth and I are going to Louisiana!!! She's be doing a training with Dan Fisher from The National Empowerment Center, and I will be tagging along with my camera. This trip just fell into my lap, thanks to Beth. Dan Fisher is someone I admire immensely and could only hope to meet one day. Well, that day has arrived. What a wonderful opportunity!


Anonymous said...

How do we re-connect when the connection has been broken?

Gianna said...

thanks for the link to The National Empowerment Center! That in part answers what I asked in the email! The Alternatives conference sounds good...I had heard about that before. I want to go!

Gianna said... again...I just watched the video...I didn't understand that it was a video because it didn't have a "start" arrow. Anyway! I figured it out. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great trip to Louisiana! Timing is key. And your time is now...a time to travel with Beth...a time to meet Dan Fisher...and a time to do more video taping! Carpe diem.
I look forward to further footage coming our way via your blog.

Jayme said...

Thamnks, Sue and Gianna! We leave for Louisiana tomorrow morning. I am soooo excited! I feel like my life has just begun. You're so right about timing, Sue! I appreciated your well-wishes. Gianna, I'm thrilled you are visiting my blog. I know that your blog, Bipolar Blast, is the best I've seen in a long time. You have a fan!

Robin said...

I could so relate to what Beth was saying..............I remember connecting to a great man in Alabama; we spoke for quite some time plus he told me about all the symbols on his walking stick, they were places he had connected. I had one of my many bracelets on and gave him one.

It was nice to hear Beth!!!

Hugs an Peace,


Charlene said...

Jayme & Beth,
I really felt Beth story. It also has been sorta a part of me that has been screaming out that life sucks with some people who never access that small deep place down inside of all of us. Why can't they understand that I'm not bad either nor are they. We all must work together instead of pulling apart and away from each other constantly baggering some with looks as if they are so crazy. I think I am crazy and the whole damn world wants to prove it. Why can't people accept and love each other? It's almost like it's a one upsmanship life. Everyone is either angry or hate others. Where is the love for each one of us that Jesus died to give us?