Wednesday, December 19, 2007

St. Petersburg Times Reports on Zyprexa


Anonymous said...

How the 4311 does the FDA justify keeping this drug on the pharmacy shelves? And are the docs who are prescribing it informing their patients of the potential risk for diabetes, heart disease, and possible death???? If 30,000 people developed diabetes while taking this drug it seems really unreasonable to continue prescribing it at the rate they have done in the past. That's like wiping out a whole town of people in one poof! Would our country stand by and allow bioterrorism from some whacked out group of people???? I don't think so - BUT THEY ARE!!!! And ELI Lilly Pharmaceuticals is literally making a killing off the profits! How outrageous is that??!!
I took the drug. I gained the weight...160lbs. I have elevated glucose levels. Thankfully I have not developed diabetes. The drug I took to save my life mentally wreaked havoc on it physically.
And yes, I did call Zyprexa bio terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Be outraged. Drug research companies are taking professionals to 4 star hotels in exotic places to teach them about thier drug, drinking fine wine, eating at fine restaurants- all in the name of education, research, and oh don't forget...the helping profession.