Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Well well well... here I am..

Happy New Year everyone! I am sitting here in my new beautiful home. Good god, this is gorgeous. I am totally unpacked with the exception of a few boxes in the storage room, ones I won't need for a while, if ever. The house is totally functional now with food and dishes and clean clothes. Everything I need.

I made it.

Weeks before the move, I would feel a strong sense of dread. It's unsettling to have all your belongings in boxes and be uprooted like that. I am giving myself the standard "three weeks" to fully adjust. I doubt it will take that long, though. I'm truly settling in without too much hassle, if you don't count the incompetent folks at the new AT&T. But we won't go there. Grrrrrrr.....

Moving day was a breeze. I used Mark the Mover, and they came at 8:30 am. We were done by noon. It was a treat to use actual movers! After they left, my sister took me to the Famers Market to get some food for the week. I spent the next few days unpacking.

The birds aren't faring as well, I hate to say. New turf, fresh fights. Their violence is truly getting on my nerves. I've decided to find Rozee a new home before he gets too settled here. It's time. They are never going to get along. It will be sooo sad to let Rozee go, but I know it's the right thing.


I put an ad on Craig's List and I have been getting calls all day. I am choosing a woman named Melinda who just melted at the sound of Rozee's cooing over the phone. She'll be coming to get him in the morning.

I'm not going to think about it right now.

Christmas was incredible. I had a channeling session with Jean Tinder. The energy poured through the phone -- yes, through the phone -- and was so powerful and intense, I ended the call much sooner than I had to. Spirit is a powerful force. I was blown away. I hardly remember what she said. I will be getting a recording, which I am really looking forward to. I know we discussed the Peer Wellness Center a lot. I remember asking if it was going to be successful, and she said "It already is. You will simply be walking through its manifestation."

Yesterday we got all our basic furniture for the house (except the office and laundry room). We have furniture for the dining room, living room, and three bedrooms. The bedrooms have their own names and personalities, even with just a bed, dresser, and nightstand. One is The Forest Room, one is the Wellness Room, and the other is The White Room.

Sunday I set up the basement with my spiritual belongings. all the ingredients of a Wellness center. One room is for meditation. It has some yoga mats, books, crystals, and meditation CDs. Another room is for art and music. It has my art table with art supplies and some drums and books about art and music. The third room is the Reading room. It has a rocker with shelves full of some of the most impactful books I have ever read. Neil Donald Walsh, Stephen Covey, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, plus an array of self improvement and healing books. It's a cozy setting. All the shelves throughout the basement have angels and doves on them. I have a feeling the basement will be a popular place.

OH I almost forgot. The Low Dose Naltrexone is working! No kidding! I am feeling closer to pre-MS than I have all year! I cannot believe the difference. If this is a placebo effect, bring on the placebo! This is incredible!

After I finished setting up the basement, it hit me. I am here. I did this. It really happened.

The feeling was overwhelming. In a good way.

Welcome to 2008, the year of new beginnings.


Anonymous said...

That's fantastic news! glad to hear it. Cheers, Denise

Mark said...

Happy New Year!

Gianna said...

I'm so happy for you. And OMG, the LDN is working. I'm so sorry I didn't check in on that part of your life. I'm so happy for you.

You rock Jayme!!!

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to read so much joy in your words! This is truly Hope in Action. A Hug to you.

Bob said...

Hey Rayne, I don't say much but have been following your blog for three or four years now. It's been so cool to watch how life has grown for you. Be well, do well, and keep being an inspiration.

Jayme said...

Oh wow... Hi Bob! It's great to see you again. Of course I know who you are! I'm so glad you decided to pop in and say hi!!!

Stephany said...

Sending lots of good thoughts, peace and happiness to you Jayme. I hope to visit your wellness center one day, and give you a big hug.

Jayme said...

I'd really like that, Stphany :o)

and bring your daughter if she wants to come...