Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Food Combining

I got a request from a friend to blog about what I did to lose weight. I feel inadequate writing a post about losing weight, though, because my diet has not been the best lately. People who come to the Wellness Center bring in junk food all the time. Like on Valentine's day everyone brought in cupcakes, candy, you know, and who can resist that?

But maybe if I write this post, I'll get back on track.

I lost a lot of weight last year. I don't know how many pounds but I went from a size 12 to a size 6 jeans (which are awfully tight right about now, lol).

I didn't mean to lose weight last year. I just needed to change my diet due to being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The weight loss was a side effect. I'm not complaining.

Anyway, I used Food Combining. This can get pretty complicated, so I won't go into it that deeply. I just used very basic food combinations. It is very simple, but not easy. It goes against the American diet of meat and potatoes.


Never eat meat and potatoes together in the same meal. In fact never eat any kind of carbohydrate and protein in the same meal. Eat fruits by themselves, always. Make sure they are not cooked fruits or processed fruits. Just fresh fruits and juice before noon. Nothing else before noon, and notbing at all after 8:00pm. The rest of the day you can have carbs and veggies in a meal or protein and veggies in a meal. Just not carbs and protein in the same meal. Avoid dairy as much as possible. Or if you use dairy, consider it protein. It's best to avoid it though.

For example, for brerakfast, have a fruit salad or a banana. Whatever fruit or fruit juice you like. For lunch eat a salad with a beef patty or peice of chicken or fish or even beans. Or if you want carbs and veggies for lunch, I personally LOVE veggie wraps. Soups and salads of course are a good combination, just make sure there's no meat in the soup if you include crackers or noodles. Dinner is with the same rules. Either carbs and veggies or protein and veggies but not both.

If you must have dessert, have it with your carb meal, not your protein meal.

One more rule -- it's okay to combine carbs, like rice and bread, in the same meal, but it's not okay to combine proteins, like beans and franks or cheese and sausage.

This diet goes against the typical American diet, but as we all know, the typical American diet has all of us fat with chronic digestive problems. So going against it is a good thing.

That's the diet in a nutshell. I used the concepts in the book titled "Fit for Life." Sorry, I can't remember the author's name, but you can get it at for (usually) a penny plus shipping. There are tons of recipes in it. I highly recommend the book for the recipes and meal planning alone!

My sister Jody uses this diet when she has an appointment with the beach in Jamaica and needs to drop a few pounds before she packs her bikini.

Then she goes back to her old diet when she comes home.

I like getting requests for blog posts, so if you have a request, send me an email at I'd love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips on healthy eating! I haven't been able to get my treadmill moved from sister's house to my apartment, and my life at work is fairly senditary. Maybe I can revitalize my own weight loss goals with this "fit for life" approach.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hon! I'm glad you brought this book up again. I remember when I borrowed your copy, I didn't get into it like I wanted to. Now I went to Amazon and bought it for 4 bucks shipped! I've seen what it has done for you and I've seen what partially using this diet has done for me. I'm ready to go all the way!
Love you! Jodie

Jayme said...

Hey Jodie, let us know how it works this time around. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thanks for making it so easy to follow. ~ Denise