Monday, March 03, 2008

Truth vs. Resonance

I have a request for a topic: Spirituality.

I realize it is a rather broad topic, so I'll narrow it down to something manageable. I'll also write more on spirituality in upcoming posts if there is an interest.


I believe that Truth does not exist, only Resonance.

I know a woman who was raised in a very strict Pentecostal religion where fundamentalist Christianity is taught. She passed her beliefs onto her children, who grew up and kept those beliefs for themselves. This woman surrounds herself with people who believe exactly the same way she does. Everywhere she turns, people are talking about Jesus Christ and salvation and sin and redemption. Hell is real, as is heaven. She is one of the happiest people I know. This is what living in your Resonance feels like.

I surround myself with people who believe that the mental health system is a broken system that needs to be fixed. We see the flaws in the system and are quick to point them out for the rest of the world to see. If they don't see them, they are blind. They will see the light one day when psychiatry bites them in the ass. I surround myself with people who believe that there is much more to mental illness than diagnosis, medication, day programs, and hospitalization . People with mental illness are actually hopping dimensions. I resonate with this, but does that make it true?

People assume that Resonance and Truth are the same thing.

I believe the Afterlife is filled with Resonance. The woman I described will see angels playing harps on clouds. She will surround herself with other souls who see those same angels and clouds. They will all walk the glorious streets of gold.

I will be hopping dimensions. Freely.


Anonymous said...

For me, I think Truth is similar to Resonance. However, when I juxtapose Truth and Fact there is often dissonance.
Spirituality is essential to my being. I like your concept of leaping dimensions. I think of my own mind/mental journey as one of experiencing multiple realities based upon circumstances, coping strategies, and other various influences good and bad alike. My heart beats alone at times - then dances with another's. The spirit that is in me and exudes beyond my flesh is a manifestation of the creation - a part of all that is.
My experience with most people searching for spiritual Truth has culminated with end of life concerns. Is there really a Heaven and a Hell? And for these people, an answer is essential. For me, places such as Heaven and Hell are irrelevant. It is about relationship to self, other and the divine.
Thanks for the discussion starter.

Jayme said...

Heaven and Hell are irrelevant to me, too. They used to be paramount. But then I realized I can experience either one in any given moment, depending on what I choose to create. I can also experience dimensions that go beyond anything with a name attached. This is also in accordance with what I choose to create.

The difference now, for me, is that I choose to create rather than create by blind default.