Saturday, March 14, 2009

k.d. hallelujah lang

This song is one of my all-time favorites, and thanks to Gianna, who posted this version to her blog, I am now able to experience it by one of my all-time favorite performers: k.d.lang. I could write a book about k.d.lang and the effect she has had on my life, especially when I lived in a teeny tiny town called Avoca, Arkansas. I wonder if that town can be found on Google Streetview. Her music is...well...I can't express it in words unless I write a book, and even then, it's questionable whether it can be expressed at all.


Gianna said...

I've always loved kd lang too...but after this video I've got an active girl crush on her!!

it's incredible, I can't stop watching it.

Jayme said...

I just now downloaded the song from iTunes. I can't stop listening, either!

I've always had a crush on k.d. lang :D

Stan said...

Dear Gianna:

Quite a crush, does your husband know yet? {laughing}


Gianna said...

crushes are a dime a dozen...and one doesn't stop having them just because they're married...

though I have to say, I don't actually crush all that often...

and yeah, my husband knows I crush on various people from time to time...some are permanent crushes...

I hope he crushes too...or he'd be dead I think.

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