Saturday, June 20, 2009

Are Psychiatric Drugs Being Pushed on Kids?


ozjthomas said...

I am very concerned over the antipsychotics being approved for kids. Even severe cases, and I was pretty severe- bipolar(or whatever you want to call it), anxiety, etc, don't need medication, deeper issues are not being addressed.
I completely disagree with the whole in some cases medication is needed because it seems to validate the medication need and continue the absurd usage of drugs we have now.
Thanks for posting this Jayme. =)

Jayme said...

Of course I agree with you, Oz. I do believe, however, that because kids are being drugged, medications are finally being scrutinized. Kids are more mainstream than adults labeled with mental illness. Society MUST take notice! It's sad to see that medicating adults isn't as much of an issue. It should be - right along with forced ECT and all the other tortures used in the name of "treatment."