Monday, May 17, 2010

Anatomy of an Epidemic (Robert Whitaker)

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rolodexter said...

Another public health title by a journalist, with a bit more credibility
He's doing the rounds, selling his book, telling the same sob story over and over again. "I didn't want to write this book. I started out as a proponent of big pharma," etc. etc. (on NPR and the like). It's a little alarming actually. He does come packed with credentials. I guess my only grip with his grip about the state of the "epidemic" is that, along with his disclaimers about where he came from, how he came to start writing this book as a "rogue," he should've also anticipated the fact that many readers may blanket big pharma as a whole with this condemnation of mental health meds. His stats, of course, are a bit construed, and it begs to be dug into a bit. The Kindle version translates well, with the graphs coming out just as one would expect to find in the hardcover.