Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Understanding Voices - Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd

Society's view of voice hearing is influenced by the dominance of a psychiatric hypothesis (guesswork!!) that equates the phenomena of voice hearing with mental illness, i.e. tells you that you are mad! This is a myth that gets perpetrated not only by some workers in the field of mental health, but often the clients themselves, their families, friends and of course the general public. The commonest myth is the equation of voice hearing and dangerousness; the mistaken view that voice hearing is a symptom of "Schizophrenia" whereas in reality there is no real evidence to support this explanation, or indeed, that schizophrenia even exists.
Our view is that voices are not a sign of mental illness but rather a complex messenger that has meaning to the person's life. Often, though not always, voices are a reminder of a traumatic past, hence the message may be to deal with and take ownership over the traumatic life events.

from "Understanding and Making Sense of Voices" (Aslan & Smith) ISBN 978-0-9556461-6-4

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