Saturday, August 20, 2016

Love is all there is

I believe Love is all there is. I'm gonna tell you my beliefs.
Spirit, God, Love, they're all the same energy, blissful, imaginative, creative, intelligent. 

God is Love and Love is everywhere. Love is unconditional, like the air we breathe. 

Love surrounds the baby whose mama sold him for crack. Love surrounds the mama, too 
and the haters and the killers and those being hated and those being killed. Love is unconditional.  

We all know patience, kindness, compassion and we all know their opposites. We know Evil exists, but Love is all there is. Love is everywhere. Love is unconditional, always and forever, like the air breathe.

Love created a possibility for Love to experience life and death and everything in between.  Love created a playground far away from the pure energy of Love. 

Love created the illusion of separation. 

We are all pieces of Love experiencing this world, experiencing physicality. Except we holograms of Love are missing the blissful energy of pure Love. We are covered in the shroud of forgetfulness, by design, so Love could have a true experience through us,  

Love did not create Evil but Love has experienced Evil, every form of Evil, every extreme of Evil, through experiencing physical reality through us. Love must experience it all because Love is all things. It couldn't be any other way. 

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