Monday, December 04, 2006

Moving Day!!!

I'm all moved into my new apartment! I'm tripping over boxes and rearranging furniture and making this place my own. There's so much to do! I just now got internet access -- I've been without a phone or internet for 5 whole days! I'm still without cable - or even an antennae! I feel like I've been at a retreat of sorts. That's what this place reminds me of. There are pathways and water falls and picnic areas. There's even a clubhouse with a bar and a gazebo with two large swinging benches! I keep discovering new things every day. Well, what else can you do (besides unpack boxes) when you don't have anything else to do? Oh I've missed the internet! But I'm BACK!!!! I haven't even checked my email yet. I wanted to put this video up first. So many people have shown interest. I'm simply amazed at the quality of friends I have. I am one lucky girl!

Buy the time we began moving in to my new place, my camera battery died, and I had no energy left to retrieve my spare battery. But I'll have plenty of opportunities to film this place. Meanwhile, this video is of friends and family moving me out of government housing once and for all!!!! (Yes, I helped. I sure didn't shoot videos the whole time!)


robin said...

You did it!!!!!!! Much happiness and peace!!! Loved the video!!




Anonymous said...

I've been waiting and watching....and tonight it appeared! cONGRATULATIONS on the move!!! Looks like you had a little fun along the way. Nothing like "Home Sweet Home." Oh, and Welcome back to the internet.
With Joy for YOU!!!!