Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our First Christmas - (to Stephany's daughter)

This is dedicated to Stephany's daughter. You do have the strength, and if you forget it for a moment, let us gently remind you. We will hold the hope for you, and the love, and the power. This video is for you, darling. Merry Christmas.


Stephany said...

Oh Jayme! I cried my eyes out when I saw this! Thank you so much, this is such a wonderful gift to my daughter. ((HUGS)))


Jayme said...

She deserves this. I hope and pray she is okay. You, too, Stephany!

PRETTY said...

Jayme, PRETTY White Dove has joined "Blogger". I am Milly, the hands and of course, the login, for PRETTY. So, I am trying to contact you so that your doves and PRETTY can contact each other.

We both love "Turf Wars". And read your story on YouTube. Left comments on both. Then learned about "Rayne's World". You said that contact with you is easier on Blogger, because you are there mostly. For you to be able to create and succeed in making your YouTubes and Rayne's World, you have to successfully your affliction. God bless us for the blessed New Year that has started.

Happy 2009!

PRETTY said...

Hi, again! PRETTY's photo did not show here. He has a profile here with it on it. How come it did not come on?

PRETTY and I wish to give you another New Year message. And that is to have your YouTube "Turf Wars" posted in every language so it can touch hearts around the world starting the year with our Peace message. "Unite in World Peace, with the Peace Symbol".

Stephany said...

here we are on her New Year's eve birthday.

Thank you, for sending her love and hope.


Hopeful Heart said...

Hi Jayme!

I am writing on this last entry at a later date; however, I have only recently discovered your wonderful blog! Great video blog!:)

Very heartwarming!:) I wish more of these programs were readily available in all comunities!

Brings back may truly fond memories of my having worked in a very similar setting many years ago.

Thanks for all of the wonderful work you do with this program!:)
Thanks, too, for sharing! :)

The health and welfare of each and every soul is so very important! :)
Deeply touching video! :)

Hopeful Heart

Jayme said...

Hello Hopeful Heart,

You have a beautiful nick name! I'm so glad you found my blog and you are enjoying it! This program is truly blessed and we are blessed to have it.If you are ever in Georgia, please come by and visit. We'd love to meet you!


Hopeful Heart said...

Hi Jayme,

Thanks for the invite!:)
If ever I am in Georgia, I'd be very honored to visit!
(I'd definitely "call ahead!";))

I look forward to following your blog!:)
Take Care!
Hopeful Heart